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Where's My Bus - SEAT BUS LIVE!



Effective March 27, 2017, SEAT buses will go back into the Norwichtown Commons / Stop & Shop parking lot. The bus will stop at the end of Stop & Shop. Customers wanting to board Route 5 bus will need to be at the new approved bus stop which is at the end of Stop & Shop. This is THE ONLY place the bus will stop. Please keep this in mind and plan accordingly.


St. Bernard's

School Tripper (Open to Public)


Run # 109/114 AM: Zone 2 Groton / New London

Old Norwich Road (6:15), Briggs Street (6:17), Bayonet Street, Colman Street(6:20), Bank Street, Ocean Ave, Neptune Ave (6:35), Pequot Ave, Lower Blvd (6:37), Montauk Ave, Bank Street (6:45), Jefferson Ave, Lincoln Ave, Connecticut Ave, Broad Street, Williams St (6:50), Huntington Street, Rte. I-95 North, Groton Square (7:00), Rte. 12, Mohegan Pequot Bridge, Rte. 32, St. Bernard High School (7:35)


Run # 109/114 PM: Zone 2 Groton / New London

Depart St. Bernard upper parking lot (2:05), Rte. 32, Old Norwich Road (2:15), Briggs Street, Bayonet Street (2:20), Colman Street, Bank (2:25), Ocean Ave, Neptune, Pequot, Lower Blvd., Montauk Ave, Bank Street, Jefferson, Lincoln, Connecticut, Broad Street, Williams, Huntington Street, Rte. I-95N, Rte. 12, Groton Square (Meets Run #11 at 3:15) (Free transfer to Run #11) Rte. 12