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Service Changes:  

MLK Day Service:

Regular Full Service


Route Changes Effective 12/31/18

 Route 4:  We will serve the Senior Center BY REQUEST*

 Route 7 Weekdays and Saturdays until 7PM:  Norwich AHEPA –BY REQUEST*

 Route 15:  Montauk Avenue - Fair Harbour Place - Ocean Avenue (no service to Gardner Avenue)


Note:  the previously announced changes on Routes 5 and 7 will NOT be implemented at this time.  We will continue to review.


Route 3:  Crossroads Professional Building (303 Parkway South) is now a request stop*


*call SEAT @ 860-886-2631 Option 2 for pickups, request bus operator for drop-offs.








Please contact us at 860-886-2631, option 3 if you require information in an accessible format.   Note if the links below don't work, click on the headings above for Timetables, Fares, Shopping Cart, etc.

SEAT Shopping Cart

*** If you have problems using the shopping cart, please try on a computer vs a phone or contact SEAT at 860-886-2631 x101 and we can run it over the phone for you ***  Please note the shopping cart may appear to be taking "long" but this is due to going into a secure site for your protection.


Please Note:  Tickets/passes are processed within 5 business days of receiving and mailed US Mail. SEAT is not responsible for late, damaged or lost delivery.

If you would like to add on USPS Tracking fee, there is a $3.00 charge, please add this to your shopping cart.


Tickets/passes are non-refundable.   Minimum credit card purchase $15.00

Regular Ride - Book of 10 One Ride Tickets
Qty: Price: $18.00

Senior / Disabled - Book of 10 One Ride Tickets
Qty: Price: $9.00

Note: To Received the reduced fare privileges, display your Medicare Card, or your Senior/Disabled Transit Photo I.D. Card to the driver.
ADA ParaTransit - Book of 10 One Ride Tickets
Qty: Price: $36.00

Note: ADA ParaTransit Tickets are to be used only with the ADA ParaTransit Buses by Certified Applicants.
One 1 Day Unlimited Ride Pass
Qty: Price: $4.00

Note: As of 1/2/18 discounted to $4.00! Can also be purchased on the bus. Passes are activated when first used on the bus. Passes are non-transferrable. Passes must be treated like cash.
5 Day Unlimited Ride Pass consecutive days
Qty: Price: $20.00

Note: Passes are activated when first used on the bus. Passes are non-transferrable. Passes must be treated like cash.
31 Day Unlimited Ride Pass consecutive days
Qty: Price: $50.00

USPS Tracking Fee
Qty: Price: $3.00

31 Day Unlimited Ride Pass consecutive days
Qty: Price: $50.00

Regular Ride - 10 Ride Adult Pass
Qty: Price: $18.00

Senior / Disabled - 10 Ride Pass
Qty: Price: $9.00

4 Hour Zip Pass
Qty: Price: $3.00

Customer Notes for Period Passes

Period Passes purchased from SEAT are not active until used on a SEAT bus. 

To activate your Period Pass, insert it into the TRIM unit (color side facing you, with notch at top).  The farebox will then activate the pass, and time stamp the expiration date on the back of the pass, and return it to you.  You’re now good to go.

When using an activated (time-stamped) period pass again, simply swipe the pass on the swipe reader on the top of the farebox (white side facing you, magnetic strip on bottom, swiping right to left (or front of box to back of box).  The farebox will “chirp” and record the use, and you’re good to go!

Please note the following:

  • Multi-Day passes are valid for CONSECUTIVE DAYS, starting with the date the pass is activated.  For example, if you have a 5 Day Pass, and activate it on the 1st, it will expire on 5th at 11:59 PM.
  • Passes are NON-TRANSFERRABLE.  You cannot pass it back to another person for an additional boarding.  The farebox will “warble” and the second person will need to pay the fare by another means.
  • Passes have NO CASH VALUE and are NON-REFUNDABLE.
  • Lost, stolen or passes that cannot be read cannot be replaced.
  • Expired passes will not be accepted for fare payment.
  • Passes that cannot be read by the farebox or the operator, will not be accepted as fare payment.
  • Therefore, please treat your pass carefully!  It will not survive a trip through the washing machine!  Do not bend, fold or otherwise mutilate your pass.  Please see the bullet points above!